Onde Sphérique / The Mekano Set - Split

by Pretty in Noise



ONDE SPHÉRIQUE, founded in fall 2008, tries to set their love for art and science to music. This happens in a very unique way, somewhere between experimental noise, sludgy postmetal, dreamful shoegaze and dark jazz. The German collective, which is guided by scientist, engineer and musician Fàbiàn ∏itter ∑teinmetz, creates the new soundtrack for the upcoming Dark Age.


THE MEKANO SET, founded in 2005 by Milk McKenzie, is an experimental anarcho-romantic electro-punk collective creating an exquisite form of nihilism you can dance to. Bringing pulsating beats, atomized guitars, body massaging bass and deep-space voice transmissions to venues across post-apocalyptic UK and beyond.


released January 15, 2014