Uma Totoro - Aparatos que Median Entre la Realidad y el Hombre

by Uma Totoro



There is a city whose environment is the sound, a city where the noise is permanent, where the noise is traffic sound. A place where the sound of silence hurts, where time seems to run for his life. That run was stopped at one point, there. Where? When?
No one remembers but I do. This happened in the year 2010. That season two men took their bodies to the same area and spread the sacred word "flash". Abra and Fran removed letters and redefine the flash, to leave it as an expression of a body, of an indescribable dream, of a sound named as: Uma Totoro.
The soundscape recreates the noise to return it to the bodies in a beat, a beat that hits the chests and floors to remember that the sounds are outside and inside.
The Totoro landscape pushed the noisedance experience to the stage, and produced an anesthetized dance by the noise (or an anesthetized noise by the dance?).
2011 made ​​the metaphor true, the dance of the noise arrived at a disc. Five songs, break the noise, to hear it; break the beats, to smooth them. Five noisedance pieces, if you hear them, you will be able to pronunce: Uma Totoro

2012 broke the truth and brought the doubt ¿do we actually live surrounded by devices that mediate between man and reality? 6 songs run through sound interference and guitars as frames, or infinit networks, spread along to the beats, beating, dancing. How many mediations are?


released July 6, 2012

Fran (Francisco Fourcade): Guitar, Keyboard, Bass
Abra (Abrahin López): Bass, Guitar, Violin



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